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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Delicious Bacon Sliders Are So Tasty

Bacon Sliders Are So Delicious And Easy To Make

You can make these delicious bacon sliders rather easily and the flavor of these mini burgers is just wonderful. If you'll follow along I'll teach you exactly how to enjoy these wonderful mini cheeseburgers that are just packed with flavor. With the spices, the hamburger, the cheese and the bacon your going to end up with some of the most delicious mini bacon cheeseburgers that you'll ever taste.

I always use the big dinner rolls for my hamburger rolls for my mini bacon sliders. Just check on the bread aisle at your local supermarket and you'll most likely find a dinner roll that will work perfect for your slider hamburger roll. I know I always do.

With three pounds of hamburger meat your going to want to add.

1. One Tablespoon Ground Sea Salt.

2. One Tablespoon Ground Black Pepper.

3. One Tablespoon Southwest Seasoning.

4. One Tablespoon Lemon Pepper.

5. One Tablespoon Minced Garlic.

6. Two Tablespoons Soy Sauce.

Mix all of the ingredients into the ground beef very well being sure that everything gets very well mixed up together.

Roll your hamburgers into mini two ounce patties to fit inside your little dinner roll hamburger buns.

Your going to need a good quality bacon to wrap your two ounce burgers with.

You want to wrap each little two ounce hamburger patty with bacon before you cook them.

Once you have wrapped each little two ounce hamburger patty take your fingers and slightly flatten the burger so it will cook better.

You'll want to cut your cheese slices in half and prepare them to go on your mini bacon sliders

These mini bacon sliders are being cooked on a oven roasting pan but you can choose to cook them either in the oven on a roasting pan or you can cook them on a grill over indirect heat. Indirect heat means you cook on one side and have your charcoal fire on the other side. You want to prepare your grill before you cook on it by greasing your grill racks well so your meat won't stick to the grill racks.

If your cooking your mini bacon sliders on a broiler pan in the oven you can go ahead and brush your mini bacon sliders with the below barbecue sauce when you put them on the pan and slide them into the oven but if your cooking on a charcoal grill your going to want to wait until the last 10 minutes of your cooking time.

When you know your mini bacon sliders are done your going to want to lay your cheese slices over each little delicious bacon slider and allow it to melt. Whether your cooking them in the oven or on a charcoal grill be sure to keep a close eye on them once you put the cheese on them.

And there you have two completed mini bacon sliders and on the one is a delicious homemade coney sauce and on the other is simply ketchup and mustard.

Sides For Your Mini Bacon Sliders

You'll want to be sure to offer coney sauce, slices of sweet onion, sliced fresh jalapenos, tomato slices,lettuce leaves, and etc on the side to go with your mini bacon sliders. You may also want to offer potato salad,slaw,and macaroni salad as sides for your mini bacon sliders.

I guarantee you that people will love these wonderful mini bacon sliders.

The bacon just gives the burgers a flavor you aren't soon going to forget. They are just honestly some of the most delicious little burgers you'll ever eat.

Here's The Recipe For The Homemade Coney Sauce

Click Here For The Homemade Coney Sauce

Delicious Homemade Barbecue Sauce

1. Two Cups Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Two Quarts Ketchup.

3. Two Cups Brown Sugar.

4. One Cup Lemon Juice

5. One Tablespoon Red Pepper Flakes.

Put your barbecue sauce on in a pot and cook it over medium heat until you see the sauce thicken and come together. You can keep this barbecue sauce in the refrigerator for up to a month. This barbecue sauce is delicious on the mini bacon sliders, chicken, and pork. I also like it on ribs. Just be sure to cook it down enough so that your sauce cooks and comes together.

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