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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delicious Homemade Salsa

Here is one of the best and easiest salsa's that you'll ever make. The really great thing is that you can make this salsa now to serve this coming winter when garden fresh tomatoes aren't available. And this salsa tastes just wonderful.

Easy Food Processor Salsa


1. Four Cups Peeled Diced Fresh Tomatoes.
2. 1- 10 oz can original Rotel Tomatoes and Chili's.
3. One Medium Sweet Onion Diced.
4. Two Tablespoons Minced Fresh Garlic.
5. Two Jalapeno's Seeded And Diced.
6. One Tablespoon Honey.
7. One Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.
8. One Teaspoon Ground Cumin.
9. Small Handful Cilantro Washed.
10. Juice Of Two Limes.
11. Zest Of Two Limes.

Put all your ingredients into your food processor and puree the salsa smooth. And nothing is written in stone in this recipe. If you want to leave something out or add something else feel free to do so.

Canning Salsa

If your going to make enough of this salsa to can you'll want to heat your salsa to almost boiling and then set off the heat. Boil your jars, rings, and lids and then fill your half pint or pint jars with the salsa and leave about one half inch at the top of each jar. After you fill the jars and put the lids and rings on boil your jars of salsa for 10 minutes and then allow the jars to cool on a towel before you put them away. You should hear the jars pop as they seal. And then be sure to label your jars and date them so you know what you have.

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