Worlds Best Recipes: Delicious Fried Oysters

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Delicious Fried Oysters

I've been told for many years that I make the best fried oysters in the world. Almost everyone who has ever eaten my oysters say that they are the best fried oysters they have ever eaten. And here I'm going to share my recipe for fried oysters with everyone.

My favorite coating for most seafood including oysters is Japanese Panco Bread Crumbs. Panco bread crumbs become very crisp when deep fried and they complement the flavor of oysters really well. You should be able to find Panco bread crumbs in the Asian food section of your local supermarket.

To make your deep fried oysters you'll need fresh shucked oysters. Plan on cooking 6 - 8 oysters for each adult who's going to be eating your oysters.

Ingredients Needed For Your Fried Oysters

1. Fresh Shucked Oysters.

2. One Teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning.

3. Two Cups All Purpose Plain Flour.

4. One Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

5. One Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.

6. Two Large Eggs.

7. Two Cups Panco Bread Crumbs.

8. One Cup Whole Milk

Start off by mixing your flour, Old Bay Seasoning, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix well together.

In another bowl whisk together the milk and eggs until they are very well mixed together.

In another bowl you will want to place your Panco Bread Crumbs

Dip your oysters first into the egg and milk mixture and then the oysters go into the flour mixture. You take the oysters out of the flour mixture and then back into the egg and milk mixture. Now they get dipped into the Panco Bread Crumbs and then place them onto a tray or plate.

If you have a home deep fryer you can now deep fry your oysters in the home deep fryer or if you don't have a home deep fryer you can deep fry them in a deep pan or pot but don't ever leave your hot oil unattended.

Serve your favorite cocktail sauce with these deep fried oysters and I bet you everyone will love them. They really are some of the best deep fried oysters you will ever eat.

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