Worlds Best Recipes: The Best Pork Chops You Will Ever Eat

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Best Pork Chops You Will Ever Eat

I make these large bone in pork chops for special dinners all the time and people just simply love them. I have people all the time tell me that these are truly the best pork chops they have ever tasted in their life. And I think here I'm going to agree that these are quite possibly the best pork chops you'll ever cook and eat in your life.

You may not be able to purchase pork chops exactly like those in the photo above but what you want to do is purchase pork chops that have the bone in them and you want them at least a half inch thick. I sometimes purchase them at least a inch thick.

You need to start with your bone in pork chops, liquid Italian Dressing, and a plastic container with a lid. Put your bone in pork chops in the plastic container and pour your Italian Dressing over them. Put the lid on the plastic container and put them in the refrigerator for at least four hours. About once a hour go by and shake the container to be sure the marinade ( Italian Dressing ) is getting all over the pork chops.

When Your Ready To Cook Your Pork Chops

Pour a little olive oil into a frying pan that will hold all your pork chops unless you are going to cook them in batches.

You will need powdered garlic, real butter, and soy sauce.

Put your pork chops in the frying pan on the stove and let the pan heat up to about a medium heat. I use a frying pan that I have a lid for.

When the pork chops have heated up and are cooking I sprinkle them with powdered garlic, and I put a teaspoon of real butter on each pork chop. I then shake soy sauce out onto the pork chops. I put the lid on and let them cook over medium heat until I know they are done on that one side. I then turn my pork chops over and repeat all the seasonings and put the lid back on.

I turn my pork chops while they are cooking as little as possible. Ideally I turn them over one time. This combination of seasoning produces a pork chop that is absolutley the best pork chops you'll ever eat in your life. I serve thenm to family and guests all the time and people almost always say that these are the best pork chops they have ever had in their lifes.

I usually use my extra large electric skillet to cook my pork chops in. It has a tight fitting lid and it holds the heat in just perfect and produces some of the best pork chops ever. If your in doubt about your pork chops being done cut one in the thickest part of the pork chop and check.

Don't over cook these pork chops because they will become tough. With practice you'll know when they are just done and perfect. I hope you get to try making these delicious pork chops real soon.

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