Worlds Best Recipes: Oh So Wonderful Grilled Chicken Tacos

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh So Wonderful Grilled Chicken Tacos

If you love tacos and want a taco that is going to make people stand up and pay attention then you need to make this wonderful recipe for grilled chicken tacos. I bet you'll make these as often as possible if you ever make them one time. Everyone I've ever made these for has asked me to make them again and again.

You will want to use a grill outdoors to cook the chicken on and you need a grill big enough to cook your chicken over indirect heat. This is where you cook the chicken on one side and the charcoal fire is over on the other side.

Your going to want to let your chicken breast pieces thaw out and then sprinkle them with lime juice and then sprinkle them well on each side with taco seasoning. Cook until your sure their done on one side and then flip them over. Don't over cook your chicken. Remove from heat when they are done and slice them up into bite size pieces.

Your going to want the below ingredients to also go on the grilled chicken tacos.

1. White Mexican Cheese Crumbled Up.

2. Freshly Chopped Up Cilantro.

3. Fine Diced Tomatoes.

4. Green Bell Peppers Sliced Very Thin.

5. Red Bell Peppers Sliced Very Thin.

6. Sliced Jalapeno Peppers.

7. Mix Mayonnaise with fresh lime juice to make a lime mayonnaise to go on your grilled chicken tacos.

8. Salt And Pepper To Taste.

9. Fine Diced Green Onions.

10. Fine Shredded Lettuce.

Offer Salsa on the side.

Make sure that you get those chicken breasts wet with fresh lime juice and then sprinkle with the taco seasoning. Cook it on the grill but don't flip your chicken to often.

Use flour tortillas to build your grilled chicken tacos in. If there is a ingredient in the list you don't like leave it off.

These are truly some of if not the best Grilled Chicken Tacos that you'll ever eat in your life. I just love these and I bet you will to.