Worlds Best Recipes: Mummy Pizzas For Halloween

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mummy Pizzas For Halloween

Halloween is coming so for the next little while between here and Halloween we will be giving you some wonderful Halloween Food Ideals.

Are you thinking about Halloween yet. Its coming and you can get ready by picking out some great Halloween Food Ideals. Here were going to tell you how to make these wonderful Mummy Pizzas that I guarantee you that evryone will love but especially the kids.

Your Going To Need For Your Mummy Pizzas

1. English Muffins

2. 1 Jar Pizza Sauce

3. 10 slices Mozzarella Cheese

4. 24 slices Black Olives

5. Small Jar Of Pimentos

Stack up your cheese and slice it into thin slices to go on your pizza to make the mummy clothes and wrapping. Look at the photo above and you can see how wide your cheese pieces need to be.

You'll want to apply a thin layer of pizza sauce onto each English muffin. Then apply your cheese strips being sure to allow room between them to leave the appearance of mummies wrappings.

Make your mummies eyes out of black olives and use a piece of pimento as the eye ball. The eye ball is not in the photo but they look great with the eyeballs.

You can make these Mummy Pizzas really anytime in the Fall of the year and the kids will love them. Why not make them as a surprise for the kids tonight. I bet that they will love the little Mummy Pizzas.

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