Worlds Best Recipes: Rocky Road Brownies

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rocky Road Brownies

Looking for an easy yummy recipe that you can either make from a box or from scratch.


1 box or package brownie mix

Water, vegetable oil and egg called for on brownie mix box

1⅓ cups (8 oz) semisweet chocolate chips

1 to 1⅓ cups miniature marshmallows

¾ cup chopped peanuts

I only had white chocolate chips so I used those, plus put the marshmallows on top and put back into the oven to toast it up a bit


Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Grease bottom only of 8-inch or 9-inch square pan with shortening or cooking spray. Make brownie batter as directed on box--except stir in 2/3 cup of the chocolate chips. Spread in pan.

Bake brownies as directed on box. Immediately after removing from oven, sprinkle with 1 to 1 1/3 cups miniature marshmallows, remaining 2/3 cup chocolate chips and the peanuts. (For softer marshmallows, cover pan with cookie sheet about 2 minutes.) Cool completely, about 2 hours. For 16 brownies, cut into 4 rows by 4 rows with knife dipped in hot water. Store tightly covered.

If you want to play around with this recipe its perfectly all right. I've made them with white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips. And I've tried it by adding a half cup of coconut.

You now know exactly how to make Rocky Road Brownies. So what are you waiting on. Get busy making these delicious Rocky Road Brownies.