Worlds Best Recipes: Creamed Chicken And Biscuits Casserole Recipe

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Creamed Chicken And Biscuits Casserole Recipe

Creamed Chicken And Biscuits Casserole Recipe

Here we have one of the best chicken casseroles that you'll ever eat in your life. This casserole is a wonderful comfort food that everyone should make and try. The really great thing is that kids love it but so do adults. If your ever going to make a delicious chicken casserole then this should be the one.

Ingredients For Your Creamed Chicken And Biscuits Casserole Recipe

1. Two Pounds Skinned Boneless Chicken Thighs cut in one inch cubes.

2. One Half Cup Red Bell Pepper cut into very small pieces.

3. One And One Half Cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese.

4. One Half Cups Mayonnaise.

5. One 10 Oz. Can Cream Of Chicken Soup.

6. Two Tablespoons Butter.

7. One Large Sweet Onion diced up very fine.

8. One Cup Whole Milk.

9. Grands Biscuits.

Instructions For Putting Your Chicken Casserole Together

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Spray a 13" X 9" Casserole Dish Or Baking Pan With Vegetable Cooking Spray.

Dice The Onion And Red Bell Pepper Up Very Fine.

Heat The Butter In A Skillet And Cook The Onion And Rec Bell Pepper Until Soft.

Combine All The Ingredients But The Biscuits And Cheese In A Bowl.

Pour The Mixed Mixture Into The Prepared Casserole Dish Or Baking Pan.

Pour The Cheese Out On Top Of The Mixed Up Mixture.

Place The Grands Biscuits In Even Rows On Top Of The Cheese.

Place The Casserole In The Hot Oven And Cook Until The Biscuits Are Golden Brown.

You now have one of the best Chicken Casseroles you will ever eat in your life. I keep making this delightfully delicious chicken casserole and people keep eating it all. I like to serve some chilled cranberry sauce with the chicken casserole. You won't soon find a better chicken casserole than this one. Be sure to Bookmark this page so you can find your way back here real soon for more of our great recipes.

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