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Friday, November 29, 2013

Crock Pot Roast

Crock Pot Roast

This is truly the best and easiest way to make a really great pork or beef pot roast in the crock pot. You can use a pork loin roast or a beef chuck roast and it will turn out perfect every time you make it. I really do think this is the best way to make a roast that your ever going to find in your life and its so very delicious.

Ingredients For Your Crock Pot Roast

1. McCormicks slower cooker Savory Pot Roast season packet

2. 1 Tablespoon Powdered Dry Rosemary if your using pork. ( Optional For Beef )

3. 1 Package Brown Gravy Mix

4. 1 12 Oz. Can Pepsi or Coke

5. 1 8 Oz. Package Sliced Mushrooms.

6. 1 10 Oz. Can Cream Of Mushroom Soup.

I cook a can of sliced carrots, four diced potatoes, and a small diced onion in beef broth until they are tender and in the last hour of the cooking time for the Crock Pot Roast I drain the veggies well and add them to the crock pot with my roast. Don't do it before then or you'll ruin the flavor.

I serve this roast made this way all the time and people just love it. I think this is the best way to make a delicious tender roast that you'll ever find in your life. I like to serve this roast and vegetables with biscuits. It makes for a wonderful meal. Try it and I think you'll agree that it is truly the best crock pot roast you'll ever cook and taste in your life.

If you want to leave out the mushrooms and vegetables and cook the roast until done. When the roast is done shred the roast with two forks and then pour the liquid in the crock pot out. Put the shredded roast back in the crock pot with a cup and a half of your favorite barbecue sauce and you'll have some of the best barbecue you'll ever have in your life. Serve on buns with slaw. These sandwiches are so delicious.