Worlds Best Recipes: Wonderfully Delicious Chicken Gyros

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wonderfully Delicious Chicken Gyros

Do you like Gyros? I do and these are just so delicious that you just have to make and try them. You'll need to purchase some great quality Pita bread to make these Gyros with. Warm your Pita Bread in the oven at 200 degrees so your bread will be warm when you get ready to put your Chicken Gyros together.

How To Make The Chicken For Your Chicken Gyros

I take skinned boneless chicken thighs and I cook them in a pan after I sprinkle them with salt, pepper and powdered garlic. Then I put a teaspoon of plain Greek Yogurt on top of each chicken thigh. I bake them for about 30-35 minutes in a hot 350 degree oven and after they are cooked I cut them up in thin strips to go in my Gyros.

Cucumber Sauce

I take a couple of large cucumbers and puree them real smooth and then I mix in a fourth cup of plain Greek Yogurt. This is the dressing for your Gyros.

I chop a tomato up in small pieces and I chop up a sweet onion fine.

When you put your Chicken Gyros together you lay your warmed Pita Bread out and lay chicken at the center, then tomatoes and onions and then some of the Cucumber Sauce. I roll the sandwich up in a piece of tin foil and there you have one of the most delicious Chicken Gyros you will ever make and taste in your life. This sandwich is so delicious. I just ate one a few minutes ago and they are so delicious.

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