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Sunday, November 24, 2013

My World Famous Sweet Potato Casserole

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday which is November 28th. Almost with out a single miss over the years I've made my World Famous Sweet Potato Casserole every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also make it at other times of the year especially when I'm cooking for family and friends.

You won't find me getting real fancy with my sweet potato casserole. I keep it real simple and people almost always say that my Sweet Potato Casserole deserves to be known as a World Famous Sweet Potato Casserole. Keep it simple and it will always be delicious.

I almost always purchase sweet potatoes and peel and boil them. I peel them and cut them up into small cubes and boil them until they are tender. Then I drain them well and use the drained sweet potatoes after mashing them for my sweet potato casserole.

Ingredients For Your Sweet Potato Casserole

1. Four Cups Mashed Sweet Potatoes.

2. Two Large Well Beaten Eggs.

3. One Half Cup White Granulated Sugar.

4. One Half Cup Light Brown Sugar.

5. One Half Cup Softened Butter.

6. One Tablespoon Vanilla Extract.

7. Mini Marshmallows To Top Your Casserole With.

Instructions For Making Your Sweet Potato Casserole

To get started mix the first 6 ingredients and pour out into a well greased 13" X 9" Casserole Dish or Baking Dish. Top your casserole with the mini marshmallows and then place into a pre-heated 350 degree oven and bake for 20 - 25 minutes.

In the last 3 - 5 minutes turn your ovens broiler on to toast the top of the marshmallows but don't burn your marshmallows. Stand there and watch because its very easy to burn the marshmallows if you don't pay careful attention.

You just made one of if not the best sweet potato casserole that you will ever taste in your life. My family has been making this delicious sweet potato casserole for over 200 years. My Grandmother Hattie Propst and my Mom Virginia Walker made this same casserole and both ladies taught cooking classes and taught tens of thousands of people how to make this wonderful sweet potato casserole.

In 1999 the Miami Herald Food Section named this casserole, "My World Famous Sweet Potato Casserole" and gave me credit for the casserole. The version in the Miami Herald had fine diced pecans added to the top of the sweet potato casserole before the marshmallows were added on. No matter how you make it this is one of the best sweet potato casseroles you will ever eat in your life.

My Grandmother Hattie Propst and my Mom Virginia Walker taught me much about what I know about cooking and helped to make me the famous Chef I became. I want to give thanks to both of these great ladies who have gone to be with the Lord in Heaven. They were both wonderful cooks who taught me much.

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