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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Brownies You'll Ever Taste

Here are truly the best brownies you'll ever make and eat in your life. These brownies were first made in a school cafeteria in a small town in Idaho. Let me tell you that these are truly some of the best brownies that your ever going to taste in your life.

These are made from scratch brownies. No mix is used here and these brownies are so wonderful.

If you'll follow the below instructions you will end up with the best brownies you'll ever taste. You want to frost these brownies while they are still warm but not hot. If you'll do that you'll end up with wonderfully delicious brownies.

Ingredients For Your Homemade Brownies

1. 1 cup of Butter

2. 1/2 cup of Cocoa

3. 2 cups of All Purpose Flour

4. 2 cups of Sugar

5. 4 Large Eggs

6. 4 teaspoons of Vanilla

7. 1 cup of Chopped Nuts (optional)

Directions: I melt the Butter in the microwave and put into my mixing bowl, then I add cocoa and mix together until smooth. Add flour, and sugar. Beat together and then add eggs, vanilla, and nuts. Mix until combined. Do not over stir. Pour into greased, floured 9x13 baking pan.

An additional part of this recipe says that if you want to double the recipe, use a large baking sheet. If you do shake that pan to make sure the brownies are well settled before you cook your pan of brownies.

Additional Note , This batter will not be runny like a cake mix. You might have to spread it out over your pan with a rubber spatula. Bake 20-25 minutes @350 F or until done. I would check at it at 20 minutes. Wait only about 10 minutes to frost brownies. Frost them while they are warm (not hot).

The Chocolate Icing Recipe:

To make while the brownies bake 1/4 cup of softened Butter, 1/4 cup of canned Milk ,(regular milk is fine) ,1/4 cup of Cocoa, 3 cups of Powdered Sugar ,Dash of Salt. Mix all together and frost as desired.

Be sure that the oven is pre-heated when the brownies go into the oven.